Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leaving Willow

I know it’s been a while since I blogged, but so much has happened in the lives of the Ahrens Family. I will attempt to write about each event and its significance, starting with us leaving Willow Creek Community Church.

It’s Friday night, June 11th, and I’m actually typing this is the dorm room at Wheaton College. We are here on a Congregational Retreat with our new church, Harvest Community. Jenna is fast asleep in her Pack N Play, there would be complete silence in this dark room except for the Praise Baby music and the only light, both of which are coming from my laptop. I haven’t had a quiet moment like this in weeks! (oh, Jared and Joshua are attending the first session of the retreat).

Jared’s last day at Willow was May 14th. The day before that, Joshua, Jenna, and I met Jared at Willow for our “last supper”, actually it was lunch, at the church. After lunch in the atrium, we took a walk around campus, revisiting the different places that have been significant to us.

The Atrium
We went to the gym where Axis services used to be held. We formed many friendships there - some of which still exist and will be for a life-time!

The Gym
We then walked to Room 162 where Summit (a medium-sized Axis group that met on Tuesdays for small groups) was held. It was there where Jared and I first met!

Summit Room

We journeyed down the hall to the Promisetowne rooms where Joshua attended PT classes on a weekly basis, and where I served with the Curriculum Team, and occasionally helped out with the 3-year-old class. Joshua had so many great memories there, of Ms. Traci and Ms. Judi, and all his little friends. It was there that he learned his first phrase “God Made Me”. Promisetowne made a huge impact in Joshua’s life, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

The Promisetowne office where I volunteered on the Curriculum Team.
The room where the kids would go for music class!

Lastly, we ventured up to the Chapel. What a special and holy place for us (and for many people too)! The Chapel is where Jared and I were married; it is where both Joshua and Jenna were dedicated.

Willow will always have a special place in our hearts, for many reasons. But nothing more important than that it is where The Ahrens Family Story began.

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