Friday, March 22, 2013

Jenna's birthday

I know we're not the typical parents who throw birthday parties for their children every year, and I pray and hope that my children aren't scarred by that.  We just don't think it's necessary to invest gobs of money on a party every year.  Rather, as a family, we truly celebrate each person, and get excited about each other's birthdays! 

Jenna's last night of being 3!
 We decorated the hallway with streamers and balloons!
We also decorated Jenna's chair at the table with balloons!
The birthday girl is awake!
Our 4-year-old is ready for her birthday!

So, on Jenna's 4th birthday, she got to pick a friend to spend the day with (and Joshua did the same on his 4th birthday too).  Since her birthday fell on a Thursday, she had to go to preschool that morning.  I sent her with a homemade bag of chocolate candy to pass out to her friends as treats.  I'm sure her teachers and friends celebrated her because she had a birthday crown in her bag. 

The chocolate lollipop treats I made!

Jenna helping me with them.
After I picked Jenna and Aaron (her friend of choice) up from preschool, I swung by McDonald's and picked up 2 Happy Meals for them.  We then proceeded to JumpZone where we ate our lunch and the kids played. 
Aaron and Jenna eating their Happy Meal

We met some friends at JumpZone!

After I dropped Aaron home, Jenna and I spent some Mommy-Daughter time.  I took her to the Arboretum in South Barrington and went to Claire's.  I have always wanted to do something like this with my daughter, and it's so much fun to finally be able to do it!  Jenna got to pick out one item from Claire's, and she picked a "Hello Kitty" necklace.  Next, we went to Anna Shea's Chocolate Lounge for some "afternoon tea".  Well, I had tea, and I was hoping Jenna would enjoy some milk.  But she declined.  Nevertheless, we had a great time sitting there on the comfy couches, just the two of us!  I had my tea, and Jenna and I worked on putting her new Minnie Mouse bracelet together, which was a gift from Aaron.  I just loved everything about that afternoon!  I'm sure going to Anna Shea's will be a tradition!

Jenna and me at Anna Shea's Chocolate Lounge!
Chillin' with a game on my iPhone while I finish my tea.
We finished Jenna's bracelet.

Before heading home, we stopped by Mariano's to pick up Jenna's birthday cake.  She picked out a Tinkerbell one.  We were hosting our small group that evening, so we thought it would be fun to have everyone sing Happy Birthday to Jenna before she headed off to bed.

Our present to Jenna this year was a big girl bed.  She's finally transitioning from her toddler bed to a twin bed!  We bought the bed at Value City.  It looks almost like the Catalina bed from Pottery Barn Kids.  We liked it so much that we actually bought 2 of them (one for Becca when she's older).  It was affordable and we wanted the girls to have matching beds eventually.  So, why not. 

Jenna's new bed!  It took me a few years to purchase different pieces of this owl bedding set.
Jenna in her new bed!

In keeping with tradition, we tend to go somewhere as a family to celebrate the birthday boy or girl.  With Joshua, we've always gone to the zoo.  With Jenna, we've gone to the museums.  But this year, there was a Groupon to a Family Palooza in St. Charles that I thought would be kind of fun to take the family too.  We had a blast, and Jenna had so much fun!  I think her favorite thing is the bungee jump thing (I don't know what it's technically called).  But it's so like Jenna to enjoy something like that!  We ended the day with having brinner for was Jenna's choice!
I think this was the highlight of Jenna's day...meeting Rapunzel!

Enjoying Family Palooza!

Jenna in her element!  She loved the bungee jump! 
Enjoying my time with my girls!

Despite the fact that we didn't throw a birthday party, I know that Jenna felt loved and celebrated.  She isn't a demanding girl and she doesn't mind not having an elaborate celebration.  Jenna is content with what she has, and she is easily excited by the smallest of things, like brinner!  I love that about my Jenna.  I believe that she'll see the beauty in anything, and perhaps be the blessed few who can see the beauty in ashes.  I praise God for fearfully and wonderfully making her the way she is!

We love you so much, Jenna!

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