Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October 2 - Pumpkin Farm

It's October, and fall is here - our favorite season! This past weekend, we celebrated Fall by going to Goebbert's, which is a pumpkin farm just down the road from us. Joshua had a blast! There was a pretend fire truck, and he would not relinquish the driver seat to anyone!! Hence, a teaching moment of sharing, admist much angst and reluctance as we stood to the side and practiced our virtue of patience. But, the second the seat became vacant, Joshua bolted to it! He grasped the wheel with the biggest grin on his face, rang the bell, and all was well in Joshua Land.

Finally, we were able to tear him away from the fire truck (deceptively with the promise of food!) and continued our slow amble through the rest of the pumpkin farm. There was just so much to see and do! Joshua enjoyed a little snack of apple cider and apple donuts (did I already mention that food is a good way to lure our little snack-happy son?). Both he and his little friend, Grace Ann, also marvelled at the monstrosity of the camels, awed at the delicacy of the ponies, and feigned disgust at the repugnant scent coming from the petting zoo!

Nevertheless, it was a good first experience for Joshua and me (I've never been to a pumpkin farm before either!). We'll definitely go back. As Joshua gets older (and taller), there's a plethora of activities for children which he will enjoy!

This past weekend was undoubtedly a lot of fun (especially with the Packers being 4-0, and Brett making history)! We hope to be able to get out and enjoy more outdoor activities, enjoy the fall colors, and relish this season with thanksgiving.


matt said...

so is that Joshua's girlfriend he's sitting with in the last pictures?

Jared said...

yes, that's one of the many :)

Brittania said...

Well written article.