Friday, October 26, 2007

Back to health!

We are all better now!

After 2 weeks of being sick, we are thankful to be back in good health. Joshua's little friend, Grace Ann, was hospitalized for severe croup a couple of weeks ago. Because croup is contagious, we took Joshua to the doctor to have him checked out. Fortunately, he wasn't affected - he just had a congestion and a bad cough. Under our doctor's advisement, we picked up a humidifier that same day to put in Joshua's room while he slept. It really did wonders! Little did we know that the humidifier would serve to be a double-blessing! When Joshua got better, it was my turn to get sick with strep. I guess that's how things are! However, with antibiotics and the trusty humidifier, I was able to feel better after a week (and huge thanks to Jared, too, for taking care of all of us when I was banished to our bedroom during my "contagious" phase).

Back to the fun stuff...Joshua continues to grow in his exploration of things around the house. He loves anything with lights and buttons. Hence, the phone has been one of his favorites! As you can see, he knows exactly what to do with it! It's amazing how much this kid observes and mimicks us, even when we don't realize it! Oh, another funny thing...whenever our cell phone rings, and our predetermined tunes come on (mine's jazz, Jared's some funky rock sound), Joshua starts to bust a move! It's quite the sight!

Joshua sure loves Reggie...or Reggie's crate, rather! When in doubt of where Joshua is, the crate is one place to look. I don't know when or how he figured out that it's just the coolest place to hang out! As you can tell, Reggie lets Joshua right in his crib (we've never tried the other way around!). They have become quite the playmates - much to our delight and relief! They play well together, and it's been great to see how much fun Joshua has with Reggie. (Yes, we do keep our eyes on them, and we never leave them alone together! I know some of you are biting your tongues, so you can relax now.)

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CTU_Agent_For_God said...

wow he is soo beautiful and so big. i can't wait to see him! i hope y'all are doing well!