Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joshua is 28 months (2 and 1/3 years old)

So when do we stop saying his age in months, and start using years? Anyway, Joshua is definitely enjoying being 2! He loves his little tricycle, as you can see, which he won at a raffle (I actually think that the raffle was rigged, oh least, we have a happy boy on our hands!). We're trying to enjoy the nice weather before Fall sets in.

Joshua continues to develop exponentially:
- his vocabulary has expanded, and as parents, we are able to decipher "Joshua-ese", and can actually hold somewhat of a conversation with him! He enjoys getting on the phone and chatting with his grandparents.
- he's able to put adjectives and nouns together, eg. blue truck, red car, silly Reggie, Dada tired (yeah, he knows his colors too!)
- he's able to count to 10
- he can sing songs with actions
- he calls his little friends by name. His favorite friend to play with is Nate.
- he is a dance machine!!

Speaking of which, we were in Wisconsin last weekend for Jared's cousin's wedding. We dressed our little man up in a shirt and tie (see pics below). Too cute! We weren't sure how he would do at the reception. Initially, when the music started, he stood at the side to observe (as he always does). Then all of a sudden, he bolts off to the dance floor and starts running circles around people. Circles! Seriously! He gives literal meaning to "dancing circles around you".

We had a lot of fun that weekend. After the wedding, Joshua went home with Grammy and Grandpa, while mommy and daddy went to Green Bay with Uncle Matt and Auntie Anne for a Packer game. Unfortunately, the Pack disappointed. Nevertheless, we still had a good time (shopping at the Osh Gosh Outlet Mall made up for the loss).

I'm excited about October - my favorite month!! We're looking forward to our family vacation to Devil's Lake, WI next week; Fall colors; wearing jeans; apple-picking; dressing up for Halloween; and the Amazing Race starting tomorrow!

Pregnancy update - I'm almost 17 weeks, and feeling great. Praise God! Just tired in the evenings, which I think is normal. My 20 week appointment will be at St. Alexian Hospital where they will do a Level 2 Ultrasound. I'm excited to see if we have a little boy or girl!

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