Saturday, October 18, 2008

Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI

This year, we went on our annual Fall family vacation to Baraboo, Wisconsin. We went with the intent to see some lovely fall colors. However, we were a little too early as everything was still pretty green. According to the locals, the reason why the trees hadn't changed their colors is because of all the rain that they've had. Makes sense, I guess. But I was a little disappointed - Fall is my favorite season, and one of the reasons is because of the magnificent hues of orange, red, and yellow on the trees. Oh well...

We still had a lot of fun, though. We went hiking at Devil's Lake State Park. Being pregnant, we hiked 2 pretty easy trails. Joshua was able to do some hiking on his own, versus carrying him on the Kelty backpack. We also enjoyed the quaint downtown atmosphere of Baraboo. It seems like everyone knows everyone. Here are some of the places we visited, and things we did in Baraboo:

- we found a cute toy store that had trains galore, much to Joshua's delight!! They had a great selection of Melissa and Doug puzzles and toys. So, we HAD to buy a couple for Joshua's Christmas present!

- the first night, we had dinner at the Java Cafe, which was owned by ex-Chicagoans. Another local store owner had suggested that we go there for their pizza. It was okay...I think we've been spoilt by having great pizzas like Nancy's and Lou Malnati's, that nothing else seems to quite compare!

- we had a great lunch at Jen's Alpine Cafe the next day. They are known for their homemade soups. We highly recommend that - it was worth it!

- our favorite place has to be the Coffee Connection. One of the great things about small towns like Baraboo is that there are no Starbucks around. So, we were happy to support this local business! We even bought some bags of coffee home (and the nice guy even gave me my cup of decaf mocha for free!). We asked him about Friday Night Fish Fry, and he recommended this place called "Corner Garden Cafe" (notice that most stores in that town end with "cafe"?).

- Corner Garden Cafe...we do NOT recommend getting fish fry there (Thanks, coffee guy. But maybe stick to your coffee next time!)

- Saturday morning, before we left for home, we went to the Mid-Continental Railway Museum. We thought it would be fun for Joshua. They even advertised a 50-minutes train ride at 10am. So we wanted to get there in plenty of time. Well, we were disappointed when we pulled up and was told that the museum was closed. Bummer!! However, the guy in charge said we could walk around and take pictures.

- after the museum, we decided to check out the local Farmer's Market. It was pretty small compared to the ones we have here in the Chicago suburbs. Jared wanted to get some pies, so we bought a couple from an Amish guy.

All in all, we had a nice time. It was nice to just get away for a couple of days, and Baraboo was a good place to go.

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Jessica P said...

Hi there! I just happened across your blog.... and I'm from Baraboo. :) I wouldn't have recommended the Garden Party Cafe either... but when we did go one night, we sat next to the owners of the coffee connection. They must really like it.

I actually live in the little town where you went to the railroad museum. North Freedom. Sorry it was closed when you went. Last year we had a major flood in the town, and most the trains were almost completely under water for a couple weeks. They back open for business this year though... so be sure to come back.

Baraboo is such a wonderful city, and I'm glad you got to experience it. I have been priveleaged to be born and raised here.... even living here all my life, I still appreciate and use the down town area.

By the way... Jen's Alpine Cafe is my most favorite place to eat. I've eaten there since I was a little girl some 34 years ago! Be sure to come back and visit!!

ps... we also are christians. it is so wonderful to run across other believers!