Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Dear Jenna,

I can't believe the day has come - your first day of preschool! You have been so excited, and have been waiting so long to "go to school", just like your big brother. Ever since Joshua started going back to school, you've been wanting to put on your backpack and go too. Well, the day has come, and it's your turn baby girl!

So, on Thursday, September 13th, you had your first day of preschool at Conant High School! You were so cute in your brand new owl outfit, and your ladybug backpack!

Before Joshua went to school, we took some pictures of you and him.

And before we had to go to Conant, I took you to Chick-Fil-A for a traditional back-to-school breakfast! We had fun just hanging out together, and you kept asking me if we're going to school yet.

At 10am, we drove to Conant, and as we pulled up, we saw Aaron Shogren and his mommy. I'm so glad that you have a good buddy to go to school with. You both look so cute, and so ready to go to preschool.

Very soon, you walked into the classroom, you put your backpack in the cubbie that had your name on it, and you started playing with the other kids and with the high school "teachers".

We chose this program for you because of this - that you would have your own "teacher" to help you along the way. You've not participated in many classes at the park district or anything formal. So, this is all new to you. But I believe that you will thrive in this program, and learn a lot, both academically and socially.

As I watched you play, with your new friends and by yourself, I can't help but fight back the tears as I realized how big you've gotten. You're no longer a baby, but a big girl. You've become so independent, and sometimes you don't even want me around. I know that God has blessed you with a spirited nature, wonderful spunkiness, a sense of adventure and fearlessness. These are all excellent traits. I want God to bless me with the ability to let you go...not too quickly, though. I have a feeling that you'll be the first one out of your siblings to "take flight". And while I want you to be the person whom God has called you to be, I know that I will have a hard time letting you go.

And today is the first day of doing just that...letting go. Sometimes I feel like you've already gone. But it comforts my aching heart when you turn around, give me a little wave and smile your precious smile. Because that tells me that you're making sure that I'm still close-by, and still able to watch over you. And I will. I will be there for you, whenever you need me.

I love you, Jenna!

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