Thursday, November 1, 2007


Here they of our little lion on Halloween!!

Going for the biggest Snicker bar, of course!

The day before, we had a mini Halloween party at our neighborhood's Moms' Group. It was just too cute! We had 2 lions (Joshua and Nathan), a pumpkin (Grace Ann), a monkey (Talia), a puppy (Joel), and Jack. Try getting 6 one-year-olds to sit on a couch for a picture - a feat in itself!! Enjoy these adorable pics!

On Halloween, we braced ourselves for the after-school group of trick-or-treaters. We didn't actually go door-to-door, but let Joshua walk around outside for a little. His costume is just too cute! Check out this little behind!!

We carved our first pumpkin, which we got at The Royal Oak Farms. As you can tell, Joshua wasn't the biggest fan of Mr. Pumpkin!

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CTU_Agent_For_God said...

the cutest little boy in the entire world