Friday, November 23, 2007

Our son in GQ?

Okay, so our friend, Marshall, does photography as a hobby. So we thought we'd help him practice and build his portfolio by taking pictures of Joshua. For those of you who have been around our little boy, he has an aversion to smiling once a camera is thrust in front of his face. However, the moment the flash goes off and the picture is taken, he frustrates the photographer with a smile then!

We didn't know how many good shots we'd get from our photo shoot. But as we browsed through all 203 of them (and the majority were no-smiles, mind you), we found these poses. Don't you think they they are worthy of a Baby GQ Magazine?? Or am I just being a biased momma? His sultry look is pretty cute!

"Joshua Ahrens...modeling this year's Fall and Winter line by Gymboree. Dressed in a cream turtleneck with tan rugby-stripes on sleeves; accented by a zippered, brown suede, wool-line vest. Oh so chic!"

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