Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joshua is 18 months

Joshua is 18 months! Instead of going to Kiddie Kandids or JC Penney's (actually, we're boycotting Penney's), we decided to use our Christmas tree as a backdrop and take Joshua's 18-month pictures at home with our trusty digital camera. After lots of jumping up and down on Jared's part, and basically, any attempt to amuse our child, we were able to capture some "smiley" moments!

Our little boy is so much fun! In his 18th month:
* he's more verbal - we notice him chatting away by himself as he plays
* his sign language repetoire has expanded to include "sorry" and "thank you"
* he's definitely into cars! Hot wheels, to be precise!
* he's running...boy, is he running!
* he has a temper...boy, does he have a temper! He tends to throw things when he's in rage - um, anger management, anyone?
* but he's compassionate - he empathizes with other kids when they cry, and often offers the crying babe something that he thinks may comfort them
* he is head-strong...hmmm, I wonder who he gets that from??
* he LOVES to have his teeth brushed (see pic below!) - he went to his first dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago...he wasn't very thrilled, but when he received a new toothbrush at the end of the session, it was all good!
* he loves piggy-back rides!
* he is definitely high energy! (can I put "babysitting time" on my Christmas list?)

Even though I run around after Joshua all day, either in play or panic, and literally collapse on the couch after we put him to bed at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade this season for anything in the world! How blessed am I to be able to share these precious, holy moments with my son! To love this little person so profoundly is but a glimpse of God's love for me, for us. What a priviledge it is to be able to experience that!

We're looking forward to this Christmas. We can't wait to see him "enjoy" this season!

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