Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!

Jared had asked me if I wanted a birthday party, and I said no. I feel that I'm passed the "let's have a party for me" stage, and besides, I don't like the attention anyway. Despite all that, I still had the best birthday ever! Thanks to my beloved and highly creative husband!

I am such a huge "Amazing Race" fan, and knowing this, Jared proceeded to create an "Amazing Birthday Race" for me. Beginning first thing last Saturday morning (on my actual birthday), he handed me an envelope just as I was sitting down for breakfast, and he played the theme song of the "Amazing Race" on his laptop. Immediately, my eyes went wide and I screamed "Did you sign me up for the Amazing Race audition?!?!" My mind was whirling with countless questions...I was ecstatic, yet confused (cos why would they let a pregnant lady participate in the race?). Jared cooly said "no", and asked me to just open up the envelope. I received my first clue, and it said that I had to make my way to the Jewel in Addison (address provided), head to the produce section, and wait there to receive my next clue. And so started my Amazing Birthday Race!

I received clues throughout the weekend. Yes, weekend - it was a 2-day race, and I loved it!! Some of the things that Jared had arranged included breakfast with one of my best friends, dinner at Claim Jumper, choice of movies to watch, manicure and coffee with another girlfriend. It was just too much fun!!

I didn't want presents for my birthday - all I wanted was to go to Drury Lane in Oakbrook to watch my favorite Broadway musical, Miss Saigon. And we did just that last night (oh, and Jared bought me the soundtrack on CD for me. I guess he didn't listen to the "no presents" request. But it wasn't hard for me to accept the CDs!). Also, every year, my good friend, Jolinda, and I always do something to celebrate our birthdays, because our birthdays are exactly a week a part. This year, it was Miss Saigon. So, last night, we all had a great time! Another couple, Chuck and Laura, from our small group, joined us too. So, the six of us had dinner before the show, and had wonderful adult conversation (it's amazing what you're able to talk about without children around!). And the musical was great!!

Despite the 8 inches of snow that we've received this weekend (and it's still snowing out!), nothing was able to dampen all the fun I had on my birthday! Thanks, Jared! You're the best, and I love you so much!

Jared and I at Drury Lane before the show.

Jolinda and me

The Raymans and us

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