Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joshua's First

Joshua went to the movies for the first time this past Friday! We drove to the Buffalo Grove Theater to watch "Magadascar 2". Since it's a $2 movie theater, we figured we could afford to take the risk in the event of a major meltdown in the middle of the show. But, Joshua did great! He was mesmerized by everything that he saw, especially the enormity of the theater screen (which we called the Big T.V.). At one point, he wouldn't stop saying "Mama, look!" over and over again! We also HAD to get popcorn to make this an authentic movie experience!

So, here are some pics that captured this momentous occasion! (yes, I'm the dorky mom who brought her camera to take pictures of her son at the movie theater...but hey, the other parents there were very supportive of my actions!)

Buying tickets

At the ticket booth

Buying popcorn!

Walking down to our theater room

Posing in front of the Magadascar poster

The Ahrens' at the movies!

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